Custom Canvas Tote Bag

Welcome to our WordPress & teaching how to custom different tote bags.

Monogrammed Canvas Tote Bag by imprint logo

Before you start to custom a tote?  what you need to do?

  • Firstly, you shall prepare a yard or half yard of fabrics, like canvas, nylon, polyester etc.
  • Secondly, you will need to work out on the paperboard (apporx. 250g) about the shape, or style, and size you like, as details as possible,  such if with or without inside pocket or not, is it with or without zipper closure, and the shoulder straps? (to be in webbing, or in own fabric straps,etc.)
  • Thirdly, starting to cut the fabrics according to your drawing on the paperboard.
  • Finally you can sew the patches together with, and you can test yourselves – is it interesting.

However if you don’t know howto you, or if you need bulk quantity like hundreds, or thousands of pieces, then we suggest you can contract a Chinese professional tote bag manufacturer, like Kinmart – that’ll be much more easier for you.

Good Luck!

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